"Premonition" -  14 songs by Jack Ezra. Released - 9th April 2014.

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About Premonition by Jack Ezra. Premonition is a collection of Rock-Pop songs featuring the emotional lead vocal, gutsy guitar & sparkling synth melodies of Jack Ezra. Clearly, the Michael McDonald vocal influences can be heard throughout the album while the Hendrix riffs and Bruce Hornsby piano blend effortlessly with Jackʼs early Allman Brotherʼs & Steely Dan influences.
Lyrically, material on the album describes the pain or pleasure of relationships, while other songs portray people at their best and worst. Listeners are taken on a voyage of self discovery or to worlds of fantasy, but always, these songs are rooted in strong rhythms. All in all, a pleasurable and thought provoking, emotional, listening experience which gets you off the sofa and up on to your feet.

SONGS:  Where Are You Now  -  Text Me & I'll Be There  -  Sometimes  -  So Private  -  Saturday Night Senorita  -  Run & Hide  -  Red White & Blues
One Step At A Time  -  Jet (Instrumental)  -  Help Me Superman  -  Heartbreak  -  Dancing At The Party  -  All Night Tonight  -  I Get That Feeling
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