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Jack Ezra

Inventor-Singer Song Writer-Product Designer-Illustrator-Author-Animator-DT teacher.

Jack Ezra's Music Biography

At the age of eleven Jack won his first guitar in a bet with his cousin. The challenge was that he had to learn how to play all the chords for the song, "House Of the Rising Sun", in four hours. Jack had never touched a guitar before. All through school he won poetry, essay, and song writing competitions, and it was not long before he was gigging as lead singer & guitarist with his band, "Twice Nightly", managed by the not yet, famous and influential, Lucian Grainge, CBE, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. It was during this period he received offers to join other, more well known bands as a lead singer or guitarist, whilst rubbing shoulders with Bob Geldof and the, soon to be signed, "Boom Town Rats". Instead, Jack went off to Art College to begin his love of film & art & design. Jack has since become a great innovator and inventor in the world of 3D. But that’s another story....At that time he formed "Fast Forward" with his brother Solly on drums. This band was managed by Jim White who also managed "Alex Harvey" & "Nazareth". Still a record deal eluded the band. Meanwhile Jack's song writing was noticed by "Eaton Music" and through a publishing deal, songs were submitted to many named artists including Tina Turner. From his portfolio, "Just a Moment Away" was chosen for the EuroVision/ Song For Europe Contest, and made it as far as the top 24 out of 2000 applicants. Solly, Jack's brother, was now the drummer in "The Reaction", the band with Mark Hollis which went on to become "TalkTalk" in the 80's. It was not long before Jack was also part of that band. However, working with Mark H proved impossible for the two brothers and Solly signed with another band called "The Eyes", whilst Jack began his four year Art & Design BA Honours Degree course at Cat Hill.
It was at this time that the introduction of the Fostex, multitrack, 4 track cassette, PortaStudio became available and this marked a turning point for Jack's music. He was now able to go solo as a singer songwriter and musician. The 3D Experience Ltd was born and now, years later, Jack moves between his passions, developing future technology, creating 3D content including films and music videos, and writing music and sound-tracks for all of the Company’s 3D video productions.
After obtaining both, his BA Hons. Degree in Art & Design and also a PGCE teaching qualification, he worked as Studio Manager at the Samurai Music complex in London. It was here he honed his music production skills working with dozens of new and also well known artists including, "Boy George", "Erasure" and "Level 42". Jack bought the basement of his flat and set up his own professional recording studio, all the time teaching Design & Technology in a local school and dabbling in the new field of Three Dimensional Video. It was at this time he merged his two passions, and single-handedly produced the first ever 3D Music Video from technology he developed.

Products & Services

Three time Government Grant Award Winner.

Two 3D rigs in one - International Patent granted - Designed & developed for Georgio Products.

"Invisible Subtitels" - Technology licensed to GioJax Ltd.

 Qdos 3D Lens - Invented by Jack Ezra & David Burder. Patent sold to Vivitar Hanimex.

3D LiteSpex Shutter Glasses - Designed & Developed by Jack Ezra for Paul Gibbs.

"PolaRotator" - Designed & Developed by Jack Ezra for Paul Gibbs.

"CamBuddy" - Dual image monitor. Designed & Developed for the filming of "Ultimate High 3D" the Gary Connory story.

3D GoPro Mount - Designed & Developed for the filming of "Ultimate High 3D" the Gary Connory story.

"ProMount" - Dual Camera Mount used by Sky 3D & the BBC.

GolfSwing Station - Designed & Developed for TCV Ltd.

Twin Channel Video Recording - Designed & Developed for TCV Ltd.

TCV Golfing Trolly - for TCV Ltd.

SpaceTable - Design licensed to various furniture manufacturers.

Expanding Pen - Designed & developed for Fantastech. Sold at the Natural History Museum.

Folding Card Viewer - Designed & Developed for American Paper Optics USA.

3D Lenticular Clocks - Aircraft - Butterflies & many more.

Stereoscopic 3D graphics.

Movie - Gary Rhodes for the NEC Cooking & Kitchen Show - CLICK HERE to see the movie in 2D or 3D.

Movie - Living In VR for Capital Radio - CLICK HERE to see the movie in 2D or 3D.

Movie - SeaSpace 2000 for the SeaLife Centres - CLICK HERE to see the movie in 2D or 3D.

Singer/SongWriter - Jack Ezra - "Premonition" & "Weekend Daddy" Albums on iTunes.

2D & 3D Stereoscopic Computer Graphics for a medical brocure.

Two Cosmopolitan Magazine Adverts in 3D for Colgate.

Trade Show Leaflet & 3D Book Illustration.

Underwater 3D camera Poster.

DVD Box Covers.

3D Christmas Cards.

2D to 3D Conversions.


Adam Hall Hardware - UK
Advanced Robotics - UK
American Adventure - UK
Amiga/Commodore - UK
Another i - Korea
Another World - Korea
Band - UK
BBC Bristol - UK
Blackpool Tower - UK
Philishave - UK/Holland
Bournemouth University - UK
Branded Media - UK
British Telecom PLC - UK
Bupa - UK
Caligari - USA
Camberwell College of Art & Design - UK
Cinimotion International - UK
Colgate - Baltic States
Colgate - Czech Republic
Creative Eye 3D - UK
Croyden College - UK
Cyberia - Spain
CyberTech - Korea
DBC Media group - UK
Department of Trade and Industry - UK
Department of Child Health - UK
Design Centre Solution - USA
Digiturk - Turkey
Displaze /Sunrise/ NEC) - UK
Duinrell Theme Park - Holland
Encyclopedia Britannica International - UK
ESP Engineering - UK
Falcon - UK
Flying Colours - UK
Foxmark - UK
Foxmark - Japan
Future Publishing - UK
G2 - USA
Gentech - UK
Genteck - France
Human Globe Works - UK
I-Laser Sound & Vision - UK
Purup Eskofot - Poland
Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine - UK
isee3d - USA
Inition - Australia
Inition - London
Involve Media - UK
iwerks - UK
Learning Lighthouse - UK
Livemedia - Austria
Pepsi - UK
PlanIt - UK
Loch Ness Visitors Centre - UK
Loveland - Holland
MicroSpot - UK
Meckler Media - UK
Namaste TV - UK
Nottingham Media Centre - UK
Norwich Union - UK
Omnicom - UK
Perkins Engines - UK
PMP - Austria
Rutherford Appleton Labs - UK
Realidad Virtual - Spain
Sealife Center - UK
Subtechnique - UK
SeeMax - Czech Republic
Sharp - UK
Slinky Nightclubs - UK
SurveyCopter - France
Salvation Films - UK
Samsung - Germany
University of Newcastle - UK
University of Oxford - UK
University of Oxford - UK
Just Projectors - UK
United Exhibits - Denmark
UniView - UK
Vivitar/Hanimix - UK
V.E.C.T.O.R - Austria
Ferriti Simulators - Italy
Vidimensio - Austria
Virtual Reality Association - Prague
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