3D CamBuddy Pro7-1000


What is a 3D CamBuddy?

A monitor used for checking and adjusting alignment of the 2 Views of a stereoscopic 3D image.
The monitor is able to display 2 vidio signals at the same time.
One signal comes from the Left Camera & one image comes from the Right Camera.
The image is not shown in Stereoscopic 3D but is displayed as a 50/50 mixed image.
The 3D CamBuddy will also allow switching the view from Left Camera to Both Cameras or the Right Camera.

Front View Showing Sync Buzzer, Switch & Connectors.
Top View with Screen controls.
Canon Legria HSF20 3D Rig with CamBuddy Pro7-1000 & 5.1 Surround Mic.

3D CamBuddy Pro7-1000 specifications

Daylight Viewable 7 inch 1000 Lumens with built-in 2 Channel vision Mixer.
Select View: Left Camera/Both Cameras/Right Camera.
Genlocked Video Sources are NOT Required!
Sync Buzzer built in to Housing. Anodized Aluminum Housing hand built in the UK.
Sun Hood, Mounting arm & Mains Power supply supplied as standard.
Also Available: 3D CamBuddy Power Kits. 2 Batteries, Fast Charger, Cable Clip.
One HP29 Battery lasts 1.5 hours. (See 3D CamBuddy Power Kits below)

Screen Size: 7.0 inch (diagonal), Display Format 800 x 480, Lamp Life Time 30,000hr, Brightness: 1,000
Input Voltage DC 12V±0.5V, Source Input D-SUB/CVB/S-V, Composite Signal Input: 75 ohm
1. Function Key
To Switch Power ON/OFF, 2. UP Key, 3. Down Key
Adjusts upward/downward the values of the select option,
4. Menu Key Selects upward/downward on option item to be adjusted
5. Select Key <1>Launches the osd menu <2> Scrolls the osd menu
6. Power Switch, Source select . VGA/CVBS/S-Video
7. LED Key <1>Power ON-Green <2>Power OFF-Red
2 x Composite Inputs. S-Video Inputs (Optional).
PAL or NTSC (Optional)

Old model Specifications:
Screens: 2 Overlayed Displays of 4" color TFT LCD each. Unique Dual-View Polarization Configuration.
Controls for Each Screen: Color, Brightness, Contrast. Other Controls: Each Screen: Signal Ground, Composite Video Input.
Resolution: 480 x 234 Each Color. Configuration: RGB delta. Backlight: CCFT. Lamp Life: 10,000 hrs. Brightness: 250 nit. Contrast: 100.
Input Signal: NTSC & PAL (auto switch) Composite video signal. 1 Vp-p/75 ohm. Power Source: DC 12 V - 24 V. Power Consumption: 5 W max.
Operating Temperature: -30C - 80C. Dimensions of Screens Each: 112.2 x 92 x 25mm. Weight of just Screens Each: 166g
Each NP-29 Battry lasts for3 hours.

Other functions :
The 3D CamBuddy DualView monitor has several other inputs for easy switching between sources such as VGA, Svideo and Composite Video.
The 50/50 mixed 3D CamBuddy output can be split to further monitors for others to view.
One of the 2 input sources can be mirrored, flipped or both via internal jumpers. Great for 3D Mirror Rigs.

3D CamBuddy Power Kit


2 Battries, mains Power Fast charger & Battry clip.

PAL or NTSC Composite Inputs Sun Hood & Sync Buzzer.
Fits to our Stereo Camera Mounts.12 V Mains PSU supplied as standard. Accessaries: Stereo Lanc Mount & Power Kit.


This Stereoscopic Alignment Monitor fits to our Stereoscopic Mounts.

Dual Layered Active Matrix Color TFT 4" LCD screens in one metal housing with hood.

Screen Resolution: 960 x 234 dots each layer.

2 Composite Video inputs on RCA plugs.

Switches: Left Camera View or Right Camera View or both blended together.

Controls: Brightness, Color, & Contrast for each view.

12 volt DC input.

All metal Housing - size: 125mm x 100mm x 44mm.

Ventilation grill on back.

Supplied with anodised black metal Sun Hood & Mains adaptor.


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