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Check out “Ibiza Ibiza”  - a dance single from Jack Ezra’s new album “Watching My Six”.

At face value the story in the “Ibiza Ibiza” song describes the love between Mario & Juliet who fall for each other in the sunny holiday island of Ibiza. Set to a classic dance beat, the underlining idea in the song and video explains how the couple don’t use drugs but “…get their real highs on the dance floor”. The video also shows Jacks real feelings and his love for the people of the Spanish island of Ibiza.
“Ibiza Ibiza” is one song of 10 with a running total of 42 minutes of music on the album.
“Watching My Six”, is Jack Ezra’s third Album and the title track was recently a 2018 Eurovision entry.
Jacks 2 previous albums “Premonition” & “Weekend Daddy” have been downloaded in 46 Countries worldwide.
Song titles on the album include: Watching My Six, You Believe In Me, Oh What A Love, UFO’s Are Real, Gamer, God Ain’t No Friend, Mumbai Express, Over, Ibiza Ibiza and one of Jack’s favourite songs, “Come On Johnny Allen”.
Jack says this is a tribute to his guitar playing hero Jimi Hendrix who came to him in a vivid dream and told him how to write the song.
If you are a Jimi Hendrix fan you will appreciate “Come On Johnny Allen”.
Thanks from Jack Ezra go to the unknown Graffiti artists for their contributions used on the album cover captured from the walls along Eastern Esplanade, Southend, Essex, UK.
The album “Watching My Six” was written over 34 months in 4 countries & took over 200 hours to record with Jack playing or programming all the drums and Midi instruments. Jack plays the real Lead and rhythm guitar parts, the 20 Synth tracks, the 20 Bass tracks and the 40 Piano tracks.
Jack sings the 20 Lead vocals and all but one of the 60 vocal backing tracks singing over 3000 words. 

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