PolaRotator - Polarization Modulator - System OverView.


3D Experience PolaRotator Kit

Polarization Modulator - Active to Passive Polarization Convertor for 3D Projectors.

Kt Includes....PolaRotator Polarization Modulator & stand, Driver box, VESA & Phono Cables. (No 3D glasses are supplied with this Kit)


Electronic Glass Window - 120Hz. Size 120mm x 107 mm. Glass Size - 74mm x 74mm. Adjustable stand with rotation. Electronics powered from VESA plug.
For Circular Polarized Glasses. Single active 3D projector required. Silver screen required.
3 x 3 inch modulating glass within adjustable housing/stand, PolaRotator Driver box & one 0.5 metre RCA phono to phono cable & one 1.5 metre VESA cable.
Driver box size: 60mm x 60mm x 25mm, has a reverse eyes switch, a Power/ Sync ON LED and two phase/timing, 10 position, control rotary switches.
Extra Long, Hand made VESA Sync Cables for 3D Projectors, Optoma 3D-XL & PolaRotator.


Buy Extra Long VESA Sync Cables - 10 or 20 Meter Lengths - Plus Postage & VAT.



VesaDong extracts a sync signal from the DVI in/out signal coming from a PC.
This allows the PolaRotator to be used with Stereoscopic 3D material played via a PC.
The DVI Plug of the dongle is connected to the PC Graphics Card´s 29 Pin DVI Video output.
The DVI Output of the dongle is connected to the Projector. The 3 Pin VESA 3D Socket is connected to the PolaRotator Driver box and powers the PolaRotator.
The DC Adaptor is connected to the 9V DC Input of the Vesa dongle.

Compatable with nVidea & ATI graphics 3D capable cards. Parts included: VESA 3D DVI Dongle, 1x DC 9V Power Adapter,1x DVI Cable (1m), 1x User Manual.

PolaRotator Housings & Drivers In Production - Testing - Shipping


Size: 280 mm x 190 mm x 35 mm.

Compatable with the Optoma 3D XL Adaptor

Affordable, low-cost Value 3D screens.

3D Experience value range of Silver Screens for passive Polarized 3D.

Compatable with 3D Experience PolaRotator. (Active to passive technology).

Specifications: Tough lightweight backing, 3D screen surface laminated to board,

Compatable with Circular or Linear Polarized Glasses.

For further information & sizes for our Value low-cost 3D screens.

The 3D-XL is compatible with the following Optoma Projectors:

DW318 EW531 EW533ST EW536 EW610ST
EW775 EX542i EX610ST EX779 EX779i
EX785 HD600X HD67 HD67N

The 3D-XL is compatible with the following third-party projectors:

Brand Type Resolution Test Date Notes
Acer H5360 720p 09/2010 FW v.A04
BenQ MP626 XGA 09/2010 FW: 101 - No Audio heard from projector speakers in 3D mode
BenQ MX750 ST XGA 11/2010 FW: 101 - No Audio heard from projector speakers in 3D mode
Viewsonic PJD6251 XGA 11/2010
Viewsonic PJD6531W WXGA 11/2010
Vivitek D510 SVGA 11/2010 No "3D Sync invert" option in OSD - you have to keep enabling/disabling 3D until sync is correct.

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