3D CamBuddy Pro7-1000

Front View Showing Sync Buzzer, Switch & Connectors.

Top View with Screen controls.

Canon Legria HSF20 3D Rig with CamBuddy Pro7-1000 & 5.1 Surround Mic.


 3D CamBuddy Pro7-1000 specifications.

Daylight Viewable 7 inch 1000 Lumens with built-in 2 Channel vision Mixer.

Select View: Left Camera/Both Cameras/Right Camera.

Genlocked Video Sources are NOT Required!

Sync Buzzer built in to Housing. Anodized Aluminum Housing hand built in the UK.

Sun Hood, Mounting arm & Mains Power supply supplied as standard.

Also Available: 3D CamBuddy Power Kits. 2 Batteries, Fast Charger, Cable Clip.

One HP29 Battery lasts 1.5 hours. (See 3D CamBuddy Power Kits below)

Other functions

The 3D CamBuddy DualView monitor has several other inputs for easy switching between sources such as VGA, Svideo and Composite Video.

The 50/50 mixed 3D CamBuddy output can be split to further monitors for others to view.

One of the 2 input sources can be mirrored, flipped or both via internal jumpers. Great for 3D Mirror Rigs.


Further Spec

Screen Size: 7.0 inch (diagonal), Display Format 800 x 480, Lamp Life Time 30,000hr, Brightness: 1,000

Input Voltage DC 12V±0.5V, Source Input D-SUB/CVB/S-V, Composite Signal Input: 75 ohm

1. Function Key

To Switch Power ON/OFF, 2. UP Key, 3. Down Key

Adjusts upward/downward the values of the select option,

4. Menu Key Selects upward/downward on option item to be adjusted

5. Select Key <1>Launches the osd menu <2> Scrolls the osd menu

6. Power Switch, Source select . VGA/CVBS/S-Video

7. LED Key <1>Power ON-Green <2>Power OFF-Red

2 x Composite Inputs. S-Video Inputs (Optional).

PAL or NTSC (Optional)


What is 3D CamBuddy?

A monitor used for checking and adjusting alignment of the 2 Views of a stereoscopic 3D image.

The monitor is able to display 2 vidio signals at the same time.

One signal comes from the Left Camera & one image comes from the Right Camera.

The image is not shown in Stereoscopic 3D but is displayed as a 50/50 mixed image.

The 3D CamBuddy will also allow switching the view from Left Camera to Both Cameras or the Right Camera.

3D CamBuddy Power Kit.

2 Battries, mains Power Fast charger & Battry clip.

PAL or NTSC Composite Inputs Sun Hood & Sync Buzzer.

Fits to our Stereo Camera Mounts.12 V Mains PSU supplied as standard. Accessaries: Stereo Lanc Mount & Power Kit.


Screens: 2 Overlayed Displays of 4" color TFT LCD each. Unique Dual-View Polarization Configuration.

Controls for Each Screen: Color, Brightness, Contrast. Other Controls: Each Screen: Signal Ground, Composite Video Input.

Resolution: 480 x 234 Each Color. Configuration: RGB delta. Backlight: CCFT. Lamp Life: 10,000 hrs. Brightness: 250 nit. Contrast: 100.

Input Signal: NTSC & PAL (auto switch) Composite video signal. 1 Vp-p/75 ohm. Power Source: DC 12 V - 24 V. Power Consumption: 5 W max.

Operating Temperature: -30C - 80C. Dimensions of Screens Each: 112.2 x 92 x 25mm. Weight of just Screens Each: 166g

Each NP-29 Battry lasts for3 hours.

3D CamBuddy 4:3 PAL - discontinued but a few available.


 This Stereoscopic Alignment Monitor fits to our Stereoscopic Mounts.

Dual Layered Active Matrix Color TFT 4" LCD screens in one metal housing with hood.

Screen Resolution: 960 x 234 dots each layer.

2 Composite Video inputs on RCA plugs.

Switches: Left Camera View or Right Camera View or both blended together.

Controls: Brightness, Color, & Contrast for each view.

12 volt DC input.

All metal Housing - size: 125mm x 100mm x 44mm.

Ventilation grill on back.

Supplied with anodised black metal Sun Hood & Mains adaptor.

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