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Battle For Treasure Castle - In 3D - 17.5 minutes -
Available on Movie Film & Video.

It is usually the curiosity of all creatures on our planet which inevitably leads them headlong, into the path of extreme danger.

In the case of a small boy and his older sister, they could not begin to understand how their innocence places them at risk and how a simple and kind gesture towards a frog and a butterfly, saves them.

This is not a story of the innocent being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but a parable where the heroes are the unlikely and unseen creatures of Treasure Castle; where wondrous magic is performed by the ghost who lives there, who, together with the help of the very creatures the children chased, caught and set free earlier, would come to befriend and rescue them.

The Battle for Treasure Castle is fought in a single day. The enemy, a pair of selfish, inconsiderate, but determined burglars, who have no regard for other people's property or for life itself - particularly for the life of small creatures in and around the castle. As allies, the children, ghost and creatures of Treasure Castle work together to overcome the evil burglars.

This adventure is a severe lesson for the children - where they learn that the treasure of Treasure Castle is much more valuable than they dared to realise - a lesson we must all hasten to learn - and quickly, before it is too late to save our world.

SeaSpace 2000 - In 3D - 8.5 minutes.
Two alien children visit Earth and explore life under the sea. They discover the wonders and the dangers that lurk beneath the waves.

Their underwater space craft is equipped with a state of the art information database guiding them through this wondrous world. It enlightens them on the creatures they encounter while they explore aquatic life but danger hides in the most unlikely places as our our alien visitors soon find out.

Creatures like Sharks - Stingrays - crabs and many others amaze and astound the alien children but one animal was found to be the most fearsome and dangerous of them all - MAN.

An informative family adventure with a sting in the tail.

Living In Virtual Reality - In 3D - 5.5 Minutes
A pair of Virtual Travellers journey in a computer generated world where they transform themselves into famous characters through history.

The VR travellers experience a moment in the life of Winston Churchill in the Cabinet War Rooms during the 2nd World War and are then transported throughout history, into other characters like Elvis, Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monrow, Holmes & Watson and others.

We are taken on a time travelling trip - a pop video of exhilarating music and images.

Look Out - In 3D - 12.5 Minutes
A collection of action clips & natural world images such as....
Parachuting out of a plane - driving a GoKart - training with the army - steam trains - bubbles - scenes of London - giant spiders and other insects - martial arts - dance - a paper aeroplane ride and lots more.

Gary Rhodes - In 3D - 5.5 minutes
A vegetarian recipe cooked in the Chelsea restaurant where Gary is head chef.
A unique insight into his passion for cooking - enticed by the flavours of his unique presentation and style.

Thames Magic - In 3D - 15.5 Minutes
A trip on the River Thames from Westminster to Greenwich past Tower Bridge, whilst all the time, we are being entertained by Mr.E, a strange but talented magician.

Insect Journey - In 3D - 3 Minutes
An astonishing view of the insect world through a high powered microscope.

"Ultimate 3D DVD Experience"


Movie Title


Movie Length

1) A Taste of 3D
American Adventure Theme Park
8.5 minutes
2) Gary Rhodes
The Cooking & Kitchen Show
5.5 minutes
3) Living In Virtual Reality
Capital Expo
5.5 minutes
4) Lingerie Sisters
isee3d (cable station)
6 minutes
5) RAF Hendon
isee3d (cable station)
10 minutes
6) Battle for Treasure Castle
Duinrell Theme Park - Holland
17.5 minutes
7) SeaSpace 2000
SeaLife Centre (Hastings)
8.5 minutes
8) LookOut
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
15 minutes
9) Balloone Festival
Bristol Balloone Festival
10 minutes
10) Unseen World
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
3 minutes

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